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Department Heads of the Past

Processed with Rookie CamDr. Anna Joyce Reardon  1941-1965

For many years, Dr. Anna Joyce Reardon was the heart and soul of the Physics and Astronomy department at UNCG. She came to UNCG in 1941 and was made acting head of the department in 1942. In 1945, Dr. Reardon became an associate professor and the official head of the Physics department. As department head, Dr. Reardon kept the department afloat through many changes both at the national and university level. She was also in charge of the audio-visual equipment and Saturday night campus movies, or as she put it “this thirty-five millimeter business”. An avid photographer, Dr. Reardon also taught a photography class on campus. She retired in 1975.

Interview with Dr. Reardon.

Dr. Clifton (Bob) Clark  1965-1975

Dr. Clark took over as department head in 1965. A former physics professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Clark took a trip around the world with his family before settling in Greensboro. Dr. Clark came to UNCG a year after the university had become co-educational and was fundamental in developing the Physics masters program. While at UNCG, Dr. Clark continued his research in theoretical physics and solid state lattice dynamics. He retired in 1994.

Interview with Dr. Clark.

Dr. Gaylord Hageseth  1975-1985, 1993-1999

Dr. Hageseth came to UNCG in 1965 from the Naval Academy.  He completed his PhD degree at Catholic University, earning him a spot as an assistant professor. He became a full professor and department head in 1975.  He retired in 2003.

Frank McCormack  1985-1993

Dr. McCormack came to UNCG in 1967 from the United States Army (where he was Capt. McCormack). With a PhD from Florida State, Dr. McCormack’s area of research was the kinetic theory of gases. After 40 years at UNCG, Dr. McCormack retired in 2007.

Dr. Stephen Danford  1999-2007

Dr. Danford came to UNCG in 1976. He received his Masters in Physics (1970) from Dartmouth College and PhD in Astronomy (1976) from Yale University. Dr. Danford retired in 2014.  As Faculty Emeritus he continues to present public shows  at the UNCG Planetarium and the Three College Observatory, and to conduct research.

Pratap2Dr. Promod Pratap  2007-2015, 2023-??

Dr. Pratap came to UNCG in 1994 as an Assistant Professor. Born in Kerala, India, Dr. Pratap earned his Masters in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. He came to the United States in 1979 and attended Syracuse University where he received his PhD in Biophysics. He conducts research on the effects of protein aggregation on the sodium-potassium ATPase. After an 8 year hiatus, he is returning to the Headship, to put the ship back on course.

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