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Retired Faculty

bobcliftonClifton Bob Clark

PhD: University of Maryland, Instructor at the Naval Academy, Faculty at Southern Methodist University

UNCG 1965-1994


Greg Cleveland

UNCG 1977-1983

SD_small_2001Steve Danford

PhD: Yale University

UNCG 1976-2014
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William Gerace
BA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology; PhD: Princeton University

UNCG 2008 – 2021

Dr. Gerace’s earned his doctorate in theoretical nuclear physics. Formerly the Helena Gabriel Houston Distinguished Professor for Science Education, Gerace was the director of two STEM learning communities on campus and head of the Physics Education Research group. He was also a  co-PI on the NSF funded SIISP Project.

Gay-retiremntPartyGaylord Hageseth

PhD: Catholic University, Instructor at the Naval Academy 1960-1965

UNCG 1965-2003

McCormackFrank McCormack

PhD: Florida State, United States Army

UNCG 1967-2007


meisnerGerald Meisner

PhD: University of California- Berkeley

UNCG 1972-2006

bobRobert Muir

PhD: University of Tennessee, Post-doc at University of Illinois

UNCG 1966-2006

Richard Whitlock

PhD: Case Western Reserve University

UNCG 1967-1991