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SIISP Research Project

Self-Efficacy Intervention to Improve Stem Performance (SIISP)

Design, develop, validate, document, and disseminate a practical self-efficacy intervention to improve students’ self-efficacy and academic performance in STEM courses. 

3 years, 2 University populations, 1 goal:

To improve students’ belief in their own ability to overcome setbacks and ultimately succeed in STEM courses by creating a 60 minute intervention suited to a single lab session in any University STEM course based on successful interventions in success/failure attributions (AR) and growth/fixed intelligence (mindset).


News and Updates

Campus Weekly Announcement, September 2016


SIISP Principal Investigators


Dr. William Gerace






Dr. Ian Beatty






Dr. Stephanie Sedberry Carrino






Dr. Michael Kane





SIISP Doctoral Research Assistants


Maha Elobeid

Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations





Jason Strickhouser





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