The Planetarium

UNCG photo by David Wilson - 11/7/2008 - When the Petty Science building reopened in 2007, it had a stunning new addition — a planetarium. Students can sit back in their chairs and peer up at the 20-foot dome and watch the celestial spinning of the stars. In this photo, the Spitz projector is silhouetted against an unearthly backdrop.

What is the planetarium?

  • UNCG’s Spitz Projector will project the stars, planets, Sun and Moon onto the interior of our 20-foot dome
  • It is operated, for the benefit of UNCG students and the Greensboro community, by UNCG’s Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • The planetarium is used to depict the motions of the astronomical objects for classes of UNCG students and for public showings

Where is the planetarium?

  • Room 310 Petty Science Building on the UNCG campus
  • You may park (at a modest hourly rate) in the UNCG Parking Deck on McIver Street, near the corner of McIver and W. Market Streets

How long are the shows?

  • Public night shows typically run 45 –  60 minutes with extra time for questions
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