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Pre-Engineering at UNCG

While UNCG does not have an engineering school we provide a great 2-year preparation in basic physics and mathematics that will allow a student to transfer to one of North Carolina’s outstanding engineering schools to complete an engineering degree. A pre-engineering student would come to UNCG to learn the basic math and physics required of all engineers but do this in our smaller classes. After two years the pre-engineering student would transfer to a university that offers an engineering degree if the student has demonstrated mastery of the basic math, physics and computational skills.

The pre-engineering program is described, including a course schedule, in the UNCG Undergraduate Bulletin (Under Preprofessional Programs in the Undergraduate Bulletin).  Also consult the schedule for majoring in physics to see how best to complete the required math courses.

The pre-engineering advisors are:

Dr. Promod Pratap [e-mail (]

Dr. Edward Hellen [e-mail (]

Important issues of which the student should be aware include:

1) UNCG does not offer any engineering courses. However, the time spent at UNCG does allow students to complete their physics, chemistry, and calculus courses, as well as most of the humanities and social science course requirements. These requirements vary from one engineering school to another, so it is important for the student to meet with one of the pre-engineering advisors listed above.

2) Each student should complete the pre-engineering curriculum before transferring; otherwise it may be necessary to repeat some courses at the engineering school.

3) Admission to the engineering schools is not automatic. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain the GPA necessary to transfer to an engineering school and to contact that school well before the time to transfer. The transfer application process will be the student’s responsibility.

The pre-engineering program at UNCG is certified by the Subcommittee on Engineering Transfer. This means that the three engineering schools in The University of North Carolina system will accept students who have completed the pre-engineering program at UNCG with an acceptable grade point average.

Here are links to the three engineering schools of The University of North Carolina system:

The following links contain information of a general nature regarding engineering: