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All Physics Students should measure e/m for the electron

The pictures below show the effect of a magnetic field on the path of a 60 eV electron beam. (A 60 eV electron travels at nearly 5 million meters per second.)

Without B-Field With B-Field
e_over_m_no_B e_over_m_w_B
See it in action!
e/m for Electron


 The Lorenz System

In 1963 Edward Lorenz introduced a simple 3-variable model for convection in the atmosphere. The model consists of the 3 first-order nonlinear differential equations shown below. For some parameter values the solutions of these equations are chaotic. This suggests why long-term daily weather forecasts are not possible.

The video shows phase-space behavior of an analog computer for the Lorenz system. The analog computer was constructed one night in the lab by Jarrett Lancaster, one of our physics majors, just for fun because it was interesting.

See it in action!