BA or BS Degrees with Standard Professional Licensure for Teachers | Physics & Astronomy

BA or BS Degrees with Standard Professional Licensure for Teachers

For students interested in teaching as a career:our need for good physics teachers at the high school and middle school levels has never been greater. Job opportunities are outstanding for someone who knows physics well, and is prepared to teach it.

If you are interested in teacher licensure with, for example, a BA degree in physics, you should begin to take the introductory physics and math sequence as early as possible in your college career

Introductory calculus (Mat 191, 292, 293) and 3 other math courses are necessary for Phy 291/292 and upper level physics courses

Introductory physics (Phy 291) is taught in the spring semester — begin this class in your freshman year if possible

Required Physics Core Courses

Class Number Class Name
Phy 291/292
General Physics With Calculus
Phy 321 Modern Physics
Phy 321L Modern Physics Lab
Phy 323 Mechanics
Phy 323L Mechanics Lab
Phy 325 Electricity & Magnetism
Phy 325L Electricity & Magnetism Lab
Phy 401 Physics Senior Seminar
Two from:
Phy 327
Phy 412
Phy 413
Thermal Physics
Electronics for Scientists
Microcomputer Interfacint
Math and Chemistry Area Requirements See Undergraduate Bulletin

Required Courses in the School of Education

Class Number Class Name
ELC 381 The Institution of Education
CUI 450 Psychological Foundations of Education
CUI 465 Student Teaching and Seminar
CUI 535 Literacy in Science Education
CUI 545 Diverse Learners
CUI 559 Teaching Practices & Curriculum in Science

Recommended Course Sequence




  • Take PPST (or substitute appropriate SAT scores).
  • Apply for admission to the Teachers
  • Academy.
  • Complete Phy 291/292 course sequence; begin upper level physics courses.
  • ELC 381
  • CUI 450
  • CUI 545
  • Apply for admission to student teaching program.
  • CUI 535
  • CUI 559
  • Complete courses for physics major.
  • CUI 465 (Full time)
  • Apply for Standard Professional I License in the Teachers Academy.