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The Moon


This mosaic of the northern face of the Moon was obtained on May 30, 2001 by Brice Crawford (Duke University) and S. Danford (UNCG) using the CCD camera at the Three College Observatory.  Various images were reduced and combined by Brice Crawford.  Exposures were 0.07 – 0.09 seconds through a B filter.  Mare Serenitatis is the illuminated basin on the left side of the image.  Sunrise is occuring over Mare Imbrium (right side of the image) in this view of the first quarter moon.  Visible in the image is the crater Posidonius (left), Eudoxus and Aristotle (lower center), the Alpine Valley (lower right), the mountain Piton (white spot, center right in Mare Imbrium), and  the craters Autolycus and Aristillus (upper right with shadowed interiors).